Harben first met Mike, of Arnold Family Farm, at the WWETT trade show in Indianapolis.  His business centers around cleaning hog pens and barns and prior to Harben coming on board Mike was using gas powered pressure washers.  They required constant repair and replacement as the operators run the equipment for over eight hours a day.

Mike explained to Harben that he was looking to purchase a pump that would be reliable, dependable and durable.  He was initially just looking for a pump as he was going to build the skid unit himself.

Jim Maccani, our Mid-West Sales Manager, spoke at length with Mike about the Harben ‘P’ pump and various ways to connect it to a power source.  After the show Mike called us and requested a quotation.  It was more money than he wanted to spend, so Jim offered to demonstrate his trailer unit on site so that Mike could experience the difference in power between the Harben and the smaller units he was using.

With the help of our technical team we put together a skid mount unit capable of operating with four Harben high pressure dump guns simultaneously. Since installing the first unit Mike has been pleased with it’s performance and has purchased further Harben high pressure jetters.  

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our Harben ‘P’ pump, its diaphragm operation and run dry capability.  We offer free, no obligation demonstrations from coast to coast.