When purchasing a new Harben jetter, an important aspect to consider is whether to place your new investment into an enclosure.  Purchasing a jetter in an enclosure has many benefits, some of which are: weather protection, theft resistance, and increased tool/materials storage.

Nothing beats the feeling of getting new equipment, and knowing your Harben® jetter is safely enclosed brings added comfort and reassurance.  Leaving your jetter subjected to the harsh elements brings considerable concerns during the cold winter months as well as in hot coastal climates.

An enclosed jetteroffers better thermal protection against the elements and promotes added longevity, a quality Harben® jetter is already known for!  Enclosing your jetter can reduce or eliminate the need for winterizing through added heaters to your trailer. Keeping your equipment free from snow and salty winter roads will help preserve the jetting equipment.  Rust/oxidation is also something to consider when working in a coastal area where having an enclosed trailer minimizes the damage from the salty sea air.

Another bonus to an enclosed unit is theft resistance.  Keeping your jetter in an enclosed trailer can prevent tool theft while parked away or on the job.  Enclosures also allow you to lock up other valuable equipment you may normally leave on your vehicle.

Who doesn’t need more storage right?  Enclosed trailers come in all different sizes and having extra usable/workable space to maneuver and store parts/tools is never out of style.  Having added storage is great, especially when needing to repair tools onsite to get the job done right the first time.

So before you decide on which Harben jetter will be your next big purchase call us first to see if an enclosed jetter is right for your business.