Our Harben jetter finance plans can compare favourably to the outright purchase of a trailer, truck or skid mounted Harben jetter.

We offer no upfront capital expenditure*, which releases your capital to be used more profitably in other areas of your business and preserves your credit facilities. Making regular payments over a fixed term allows you to budget effectively, protects you from inflation and can be offset against your taxable profits. Lease periods can be tailored to suit your business as there are several lease Harben jetter finance plans available with our financial partners.

Not only do lease financing plans allow you to afford the jetter you need today, flexibility means you can upgrade at any time to suit the needs of your business as it evolves in the future.

Harben® products are reputable for holding their value over many years, assuming low re-marketing risks by lenders. As a result, we are fortunate to work with a selection of respectable financing partners.

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First Citizens Bank
Fredrick Diemer
Phone: (603) 373-1379
Fax: (800) 640-3643

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Ascentium Capital LLC
Raul Harnasch
Phone: (281) 883-5016
Mobile: (509) 750-7436

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* Terms and conditions apply. For full details and to ensure that you meet the relevant criteria, please contact our financial partner of your choice.
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