We are constantly hearing and seeing reports in the media about the depletion of our natural resources.  One of our resources that we seem to take for granted and is creating problems in the U.S. is water.  Over the past several years we have been faced with pollution, global warming trends and droughts.  These issues are developing a range of implications that could affect consumers and businesses alike.

There are currently twenty five locations in the U.S. that are considered to be in some degree of a drought.  In some areas, with no rain or even snow in the winter months, lakes, reservoirs, and rivers will begin to dry up and water levels will shrink. Because of this, it is common for local authorities to issue water restrictions to protect our water resources.

Harben jetters  work on the principle of high pressure, 4000 psi and low flow, 18 gpm or less, vs larger equipment that produces around 2,000 psi and flows as high as 80 gpm.  Debris such as roots, grease, gravel and sand are easily removed from drain and sewer lines utilizing low flow and high pressure while saving a significant amount of water during the process.  The Harben system is capable of clearing drain lines from 2″-18″ benefiting both contractors and municipalities alike.

The Harben jetting system doesn’t just save water, it’s easy on the pocket as well. While the Harben ‘P’ type pump utilizes less water for tackling tough jobs, it is also one of the easiest, and least expensive pumps to own and maintain.  The Harben system is a versatile tool that can be mounted on trucks, van packs, trailers and in enclosures.

To find out more about how Harben jetters can help you save water and money contact usto arrange your free, no obligation demonstration.