Jetters & Pumps

Harben® jetters have been the worldwide industry leader since our invention of the radial piston diaphragm ‘P’ type pump in 1970.

The ‘P’ type pump was initially designed for use in the Industrial Cleaning market, but after extensive research and a decade of successfully building water jetters we realized that there was a requirement for high quality, reliable jetters in the US.  In 1981 Harben Inc. opened its doors in Atlanta, Georgia introducing the concept of high pressure – low flow jetting technology.

In addition to the highly successful ‘P’ type pump, we are now also utilizing the ‘Hi-Q’ and Century pumps in our jetting equipment.

Our quality, reliability, value and service is the reason why we have sold over 11,000 units worldwide – Why not take a look at our pumps and water jetting equipment.