Harben’s parent company Flowplant has developed the worlds first water jetting system for clearing blocks from underground internet cable ducts.

The Harben duct desilting system was quickly approved by the UK’s largest internet network provider. Now there are hundreds of machines working throughout the British Isles and beyond.

The system uses a brand new and uprated Harben pump with a unique Jump Jet. It can pulse the high pressure water jet deep into the underground duct – clearing and cleaning as it goes.

A small cleaning head travels hundreds of feet at only 2000 psi and with very low water usage. So far thousands of miles of ducts have been successfully cleared and no fibre optic cables have been damaged.

Clearing old cable ducts vastly speeds up the rollout of new fibre optic cable. It can save thousands of dollars, avoiding the need for dig ups, new ducts or traffic management.

The revolutionary desilter system is available exclusively in the US through Harben.

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