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What is High Pressure Pipe Cleaning?

Pipe cleaning via high-pressure jetting is a sophisticated technique used to unclog, cleanse, and refine the internal surfaces of steel pipes, ranging from the smallest tubes to large drill pipes. This method is remarkably versatile and is even applied to clean drinking water supply mains.

Ensuring the cleanliness of process pipes is imperative for maintaining uninterrupted flow and remaining efficient. Pipes encrusted with heavy scaling pose a significant hindrance, leading to prolonged production times and increased operational costs.

This technique utilizes a specialized hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle. These nozzles come in fixed or rotary configurations, offering various jet arrangements. As high-pressure water streams pass from forward and side-facing jets, they effectively remove scale deposits from the inner walls of the pipe. Rear-facing jets generate thrust, propelling the nozzle through the pipe and expelling debris towards the open end for safe removal.

Recent advancements in nozzle handling equipment include semi-automated devices designed to enhance safety by keeping operators at a safe distance from the pipe outlet during pipe cleaning operations.

Achieving optimal pipe cleaning necessitates the utilization of a high-pressure pump unit with adequate flow rate and pressure, complemented by the correct accessories. For expert guidance and tailored product recommendations, we encourage you to reach out to Harben, where our team is ready to assist you.

Harben is proud to offer an extensive array of water jetting units specifically engineered for pipe cleaning applications, ensuring reliable performance and efficient operation.

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