Thank you to Bob Milroy, City of Clinton – Iowa for your testimonial:

On December 10th, at around 10:00pm, I received a call from a local contractor asking if the City of Clinton could help out with a sewer problem in a neighboring community.  They explained that the community had a sewer back up and the contractor was unable to clear it with their combo truck.  I called the Public Works Director of the community to offer our assistance.  He explained to me that this line had been plugged since 4:30pm and the subzero temperatures that day were not helping.  They made several attempts with a jet trailer, but eventually blew a hose.  

After the hose blew they called a local contractor that does industrial level cleaning to help out.  This contractor was also unable to clear the line so they finally called me to ask for help, so I sent our operator to assist.  He took the new Harben jetter truck that we purchased from Elliott Equipment Co. and he had the line cleared within 45 minutes!  The operator said that it only took two passes to clear the line.

Some of the issues that the other town had were due to the extreme temperatures that day.  The big advantage we had is having the 4000 psi Harben and its ability to work through the plugged line before experiencing issues with cold weather.

If you too are interested in investing in equipment that could clear blockages in tough conditions, saving you time and money, please contact the sales team at Harben Inc. or a Distributor near you.