The unique Harben radial piston diaphragm range of pumps are the best performing and most reliable high pressure pumps on the market today. 

The Harben ‘P’ Pump offers many benefits across a wide range of applications, drain jetters being no exception as recently highlighted by Chuck Lang Jr.  His company “Chuck’s Septic Tank, Sewer & Drain Cleaning in Grove City, Ohio” owns two trailer jetters manufactured by Harben Inc.

Like so many customers worldwide, Chuck has been impressed with the reliability of the versatile P Pump.  Chuck recently told Pumper Magazine, ”we’ve had zero problems with them, they’re very well-engineered.  If you run the pump dry or accidentally leave it out in the cold, you don’t have to worry about a rotary pump breaking down.  It’s hard to damage them.  We’ve never had to rebuild one of these rotary pumps.  And that’s very unusual for a jetter pump.”

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our Harben ‘P’ Pump, its diaphragm operation and run dry capability.  We offer free, no obligation demonstrations from coast to coast.