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Harben E180 trailer jetter

Our Backstory

Welcome to Harben Inc.!

Our roots trace back to the inception of the renowned ‘P’ type radial piston diaphragm pump, a groundbreaking innovation first introduced in 1971, boasting a remarkable 6,000 psi capability.

Recognizing a growing demand for reliable high-pressure pumps in the United States, Harben Inc was established in 1981, with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA. With our arrival, the concept of “high pressure – low flow” drain jetting was introduced to the American market, setting new standards in efficiency and effectiveness. At Harben Inc, we are committed to delivering top-tier solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Run-Dry Technology

Building upon our early success, we introduced two additional pioneering pump models: The Century, capable of reaching 10,000 psi, and the Hi-Q. These radial piston diaphragm designs, engineered for “run dry” performance, revolutionized the industrial cleaning and drain cleaning markets. The Century opened new avenues in industrial cleaning, while the Hi-Q solidified the P-type’s dominance among drain cleaning contractors. Harben pumps rapidly gained a reputation for reliability, emerging as a leading US manufacturer of high-pressure water jetting equipment.


Innovation spanning 50 years

At Harben, we specialize in manufacturing a comprehensive range of jetters tailored to diverse applications. Our product line encompasses trailers, skids, trucks, and custom units, catering to industries spanning from paper mills and pharmaceutical plants to drain cleaners and defense contractors.

Our unwavering commitment to QUALITY, RELIABILITY, VALUE, and SERVICE has propelled us to remarkable heights, with over 11,000 machines sold globally. This accomplishment solidifies our position as one of the premier and most enduring manufacturers of high-pressure water jetting equipment. We attribute our success to the invaluable support and trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers.

Harben’s team

Harben CEO

Jennifer Pederson

Harben Inc - Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Jim Maccani

Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Harben Inc is a member of the WaterJet Technology Association
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