4018 VPK Van Pack Jetter

  • 4000 psi /18 gpm
  • Easy installation
  • Proven Harben® build quality
  • Kubota low emission diesel engine
  • Hydraulic hose reel with feed guide
  • Cleans drains up to 18″ diameter
  • Anti-freeze recirculation system
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The 4018 VPK van pack jetter incorporates the Harben ‘P’ type high pressure diaphragm pump, with its unique 5 year warranty and optional Jump Jet. It can deliver 4,000 psi up to 18 gpm and it is the first and only run dry high pressure pump available anywhere in the world.

The van pack is compact at only 80” long, 60” high and 55” wide and it has an integral 100 gallon water tank with additional water capacity available as an option.  The lightweight folded steel frame keeps the total loaded weight to 2500 lbs allowing you to carry extra work tools when necessary.

The hydraulic hose reel holds 500ft of ½” jetting hose and it has a speed control valve allowing the operator to precisely adjust the rate at which the hose is retracted from the drain. This ensures that 100% of the debris can be safely removed every time. Combined with the Jump jet system, which increases pull distance and reduces water consumption, this van pack delivers serious sewer cleaning performance.

You can choose to customise your 4018 VPK van pack jetter with build options and accessories including a 7-channel wireless remote and a vast range of drain nozzles.


  • Proven Harben® build quality
  • Standard 5 year pump warranty
  • 4000psi and 18gpm flow
  • Powerful Kubota T4F engine
  • Hydraulic hose reel with feed guide
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Cleans drains up to 18″ diameter
  • 12v Auxiliary outlet
  • Low maintenance cost
  • ½” X 500’ Jetting hose
  • ½” X 10’ Orange leader hose
  • Hydraulic powered hose reel
  • Anti-freeze recirculation system
  • 2 x High efficiency drain nozzles
  • Manuals – operation and maintenance
  • Training during installation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Jump jet pulsation system
  • ¼” & 3/8 Lateral kits
  • MKII dump gun (Wash-down gun)
  • Foot control valve
  • Various nozzles for different applications
  • Total Length 80”
  • Width 60”
  • Height 60”
  • Approx. Weight 1700 lbs. plus water