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Tuff-Skin Sewer Jetting Hose


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Our proven Tuff-Skin lightweight thermoplastic sewer jetting hose weighing 50% less than standard hose and with a significantly longer jetting life. The Tuff-Skin has super smooth outer and inner covers allowing for runs of over 500 ft with a Harben jump jet kit system. Minimal pressure drop is another great advantage of the Tuff-Skin, delivering much greater jetting power to the drain cleaning nozzle.

Bonded Construction
Slim Profile and Light Weight
Flexible and Kink Resistant
Low Coefficient of Friction
Excellent Cut, Gouge and Abrasion Resistance

Construction (Black Cover)                                                                 
Tube – Polyester Elastomer (Cream Color)
Reinforcement – One Aramid Braid
Cover – Proprietary Urethane Blend (“Tuff-Skin”)
Cover Color – Black, Non-Perforated

Construction (Blue Cover)
Tube – Polyester Elastomer (Cream Color)
Reinforcement – Two Polyester Braids
Cover – Proprietary Polyurethane Blend (“Tuff-Skin”)
Cover Color – Green, Non-Perforated

Additional information

Weight N/A
Connection Size

1/2" fixed male x 1/2" swivel female

Maximum Pressure

5000 psi

Maximum Flow

18 gpm




300ft Black, 500ft Black, 500ft Blue

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