Harben is a leading US manufacturer of high pressure water jetting equipment. It is a subsidiary of UK based Flowplant Group, whose early success was founded on the world famous ‘P’ type radial piston diaphragm pump; a 6,000 psi pump first manufactured in 1971.

Shortly after the P type hit the market two more pump models were launched. The Century, capable of 10,000 psi and the Hi-Q. Both of these were also “run dry” radial piston diaphragm designs. The Century opened up the industrial cleaning market and the Hi-Q strengthened Flowplants dominant position with drain cleaning contractors. Harben pumps soon established themselves as some of the most reliable high pressure pumps on the market.

Following a decade of success in the UK and seeing a requirement in the US for a reliable pump, Harben Inc was founded. Doors opened in 1981 in Atlanta, GA and the concept of “high pressure – low flow” drain jetting had arrived in the USA!

Harben drain jetter
Harben E180 “High Pressure-Low Flow” Jetter

At Harben we now build a full range of jetters for numerous applications. Trailers, skids, trucks and custom units of every type work in industries stretching from paper mills to pharmaceutical plants and drain cleaners to defence contractors.

Harben’s QUALITY, RELIABILITY, VALUE, and SERVICE are the reason that we have now sold over 11,000 machines worldwide. That makes us one of the largest and longest established manufacturers of high pressure water jetting equipment and we couldn’t have done it without you, our customers.

Thank you.

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