Two New Van Packs for Harben®

Two New Van Packs for Harben®

October sees the launch of two new van packs to update our range and further broaden our product appeal across an even wider market. 

The existing 4018 van pack has been upgraded with a host of improvements making it even more efficient and user friendly.  The new 4018 VPK has been designed and built entirely in the US with the sole intention to meet the needs of the drain cleaning contractors that have become used to the power and reliability of Harben® trailer units but may now be looking for something more compact.

Using the latest low emission diesel engine coupled via a Harben® manufactured gearbox to the unique run dry Harben® pump, the 4018 VPK packs a powerful 4000 psi punch.  Improved and perfected over nearly 50 years, the Harben® P type pump can deliver up to 18 gpm under the most arduous conditions and the optional Jump Jet kit makes long run drain cleaning up to several hundred feet from the manhole an everyday occurrence.  Even better it can do this using an unbelievably small amount of water which is great for the environment.

A brand new electronic control system seamlessly integrates with the optional 7 channel wireless remote handset putting the operator totally in charge of the jetting process even when they are hundreds of feet from the machine, delivering serious efficiency benefits and improving safety.

The second new unit to join the van pack stable is the Eliminator VP, a super compact machine suiting smaller vans.  Customers familiar with our long established Eliminator trailer will know that even though this range is aimed more at the contractor who may be starting out in the jetting world it isn’t short on specification.

The Eliminator VP uses a triplex plunger pump driven by a low emission Kubota diesel engine similar to the one on the 4018 VPK.  It also has the same brand new control system but this time the 7 channel wireless remote is included in the base specification.

The triplex pump is protected from running dry by a low level control on the water tank which cleverly always maintains a little water in the base of the tank so that the engine doesn’t shut down when the hydraulic hose reel may still need to operate.  After all no one wants 300ft of hose in a drain when the engine and hydraulic system shuts down!

The hydraulic reel has a capacity of 300ft of ½” hose and it is fitted with a speed control to aid safer and more controllable drain cleaning.  There is also a filler reel connected directly to the water tank.

These days it is so important to look professional when you arrive at your customers premises and it is here that the Eliminator VP scores full marks again.  The working end of the machine is covered by a bespoke lightweight canopy which gives the Eliminator a sleek modern look, reduces noise levels and enhances safety.  It’s also easy to keep clean and tidy.

To see either of these machines in operation call the Harben® sales office today to arrange for a demonstration.

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