What’s in it for me? Enz® efficiency drain jets.

We are always being asked by our drain cleaning customers why they should pay more for drain cleaning drain jets with higher efficiency ratings. We all know that a washing machine with the A+ rating uses less electricity than one with a C rating and that must be a good thing because we save money. But what about a drain jet that is 90% efficient compared to one that is only 60% efficient. What is the benefit for the user?

Well actually it’s quite straightforward. Say you start off with a jetter that can pump 3000 psi at 13 gpm. The name of the game is to get as much of this power hitting the side of the drain pipe as possible and that’s where the drain jet comes in.

A drain jet with a low efficiency rating simply means that the water passing through it wastes a lot of the pump energy before it even leaves the hole.
Why does this happen? Because the holes are drilled directly into the jet body. As a result they will be quite rough and ragged and these rough surfaces slow down the water as it blasts out into the drain.

If the water is slowed down even before it leaves the jet hole it will have much less energy by the time it hits the side of the drain and much less ability to blast it clean.

In contrast to this the Enz® high efficiency drain jet is manufactured with very smooth inside surfaces and the jet holes are made of ceramic, the same material that Formula 1 brake disks are made from. These inserts allow the water to pass through them at very high speed, hitting the side of the drain with maximum impact. To see the benefit of the Enz® high efficiency drain jet over a standard drilled version take a look at numbers below.

If we use a 3000 psi jetter that pumps 13 gpm and we fit either a standard drain jet or a high efficiency drain jet the effect is clear. The standard 3 rear drain jet is about 60% efficient and the water passing through it will be travelling out of each hole at about 240 mph.

Use the same pump to power the Enz® drain jet that is 90% efficient and the water passing through this jet will be travelling out of each insert at just over 400 mph! Remember, same pump, same pressure, same flow but 160 mph more jet speed!

Thanks to the laws of physics this extra speed packs nearly 3 times more cleaning energy into the water leaving the Enz® high efficiency jet and that means longer drain runs can be cleaned quicker with the same machine. There is also the added advantage that the inserts in the Enz® high efficiency jet are easily replaceable so the life of the drain jet can be several times longer.

Try for yourself and see how much more cleaning power you can get from your existing jetter for just a small investment in quality Enz® high efficiency drain jets.

Advantages of Enz® high efficiency drain jets

Up to 3 times more cleaning power from the same jetter
Can clean longer drain runs with the same jetter
Replaceable inserts give longer life
Uses less water – can be jetted to give same cleaning power as a standard drain with less water usage
Faster turnaround time on job sites
Better camera survey results
More productive and more invoiced jobs per day

There are many different kinds of Enz nozzles and here we have detailed those that are most popular with our customers for use on van pack and trailer mounted machines.

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